Sunday, July 29, 2007


After you are put under, and a couple of teeth are removed from your mouth, there seems an imbalance - two less teeth on one side does create an asymmetric bite.

Heavily dosed on Ibuprofen, the few days following are surely dull. In bed, watching movies and sleeping off in the middle of them. I yearn for the tasteful Chipotle burrito I eat almost every other day.

Food is many a time taken for granted. I have never followed a strict mealtime regime, I eat whenever I like and whatever I feel like. It was when the dentist told me not to eat anything for 8-10 hours before the surgery, because of general anesthesia, that I realized how much I steal a snack in irregular times. All through the night I felt hungry and fought the need to go grab a cookie or some chips.

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