Thursday, August 2, 2007

Minneapolis Bridge is falling down... falling down... falling down... My fair lady

Tragedy struck the bright city of Minneapolis yesterday evening around 6pm when I was at neighboring St.Paul campus for my Salsa class. My house is just off the 35W interstate entry ramp, a few hundred feet away. I cannot believe it - I leave the city for a couple of hours, and look what these people did!!! Do I have to be here all the time ?!?!

Mokkais apart, it was really incredible - we went very close to the scene and tried to quench our curiosity. I didn't believe it when my friend called and told me about it on my way home - I thought 'ye,rite!' - coming close to my bus stop, the driver pointed out 'look at that point over there, beyond that there is no bridge'. I went close by and .... (jaw dropping)!

The emergency response was really awesome - lived up to its name. The first response vehicles were supposedly here one minute after the collapse. Curious onlookers like me were an impediment to rescue workers and were soon shoo-ed off the area. Traffic is still very slow around this area because of the huge number of rescue vehicles stationed near the bridge.

Emails and phone calls flew all around the place with people inquiring whether their friends and loved ones were alright. Incoming juniors from India to Minnesota all mailed their concern as well - how very sweet of them :)

My personal thanks to all my friends who rang or buzzed to inquire about my safety...

My prayers to the victims and their families...


How great would it be if there was a Ctrl+Alt+Del for our lives? My tooth still aches from the surgery and there appears to be a gaping hole somewhere in there - I wish I could Ctrl+Alt+Del and restart my teeth so it starts again without any problems, brand new! Any system or organ or whatever in your body giving trouble - press the 3 magical keys - lo, behold! the program restarts afresh...
Excuse me, I seem to be going crazy from all the painkillers...

(P.S.: On the Monday following the surgery I did eat a Chipotle burrito bol - mmmmmmmm-aaaaaaaaahhh-mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!)

Sunday, July 29, 2007


After you are put under, and a couple of teeth are removed from your mouth, there seems an imbalance - two less teeth on one side does create an asymmetric bite.

Heavily dosed on Ibuprofen, the few days following are surely dull. In bed, watching movies and sleeping off in the middle of them. I yearn for the tasteful Chipotle burrito I eat almost every other day.

Food is many a time taken for granted. I have never followed a strict mealtime regime, I eat whenever I like and whatever I feel like. It was when the dentist told me not to eat anything for 8-10 hours before the surgery, because of general anesthesia, that I realized how much I steal a snack in irregular times. All through the night I felt hungry and fought the need to go grab a cookie or some chips.